Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets

Econotech offers industry standard ISO-based testing to assure the quality of wood pellets for industrial and residential applications.

We are strong in biofuels, so also engage with pellet operations to help them succeed.

Wood Pellets


  • Determine suitability and market value of feedstock material
  • Monitor feed quality and manage feedstock blending
  • Troubleshoot pellet formation problems
  • Develop novel products, eg. pellets made from agricultural residues.


  • Monitor fuel feeds for boiler control
  • Troubleshoot boiler problems such as slagging and fouling
  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations

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Pellet fuel specific tests can be found below. See our Biofuels service page or Find a Test for general fuel properties testing of plant biomass. 

Service AreaTestTest Method
Wood PelletsAsh ContentISO 18122
Wood PelletsAsh Melting BehaviourISO 21204 – Oxidizing Atmosphere
Wood PelletsBulk DensityISO 17828
Wood PelletsCalorific ValueISO 18125
Wood PelletsCarbon, Hydrogen, NitrogenISO 16948
Wood PelletsChlorine and SulfurISO 16994
Wood PelletsDiameter and LengthISO 17829
Wood PelletsFines ContentISO 18846
Wood PelletsMechanical DurabilityISO 17831-1
Wood PelletsMetals – TraceBy ICP (Incl. As, Cd, Cr, C, Pb,Hg, Zn)
Wood PelletsMoisture ContentISO 18134-1, ISO 18134-2
Wood PelletsOxygenISO 16993
Wood PelletsParticle DensityISO 18847
Wood PelletsPSD of disintegratedISO 17827-2 / ISO 17830

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Econotech offers a wide range of services for the pulp, paper and biofuel industry.

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We accept worldwide orders for analysis. Please send your samples here.
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