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Pulping and Bleaching Trials

Econotech´s experienced pulping and bleaching staff will provide rapid and reliable results for what you need to analyze and improve your product. We provide a one stop, full service operation for everything from Chipping and Screening, through Pulping and Bleaching, to Pulp Strength, Liquor and Effluent testing.

Some examples of what we do:

  • Evaluation of agricultural and non-wood fiber sources, e.g. grasses, bagasse, bamboo and others
  • Kraft pulping simulations include batch, continuous, extended delignification and low energy batch technologies
  • Soda-AQ cooks (often for non-woods), as well as sulfite and PHK cooks for specialty cellulose (dissolving grades)
  • Full range of bleaching chemistry for oxygen delignification, ECF and TCF sequences for reduced AOX and environmental impact
  • Confidential product, process and bio-energy development
  • Impact of changes in fiber supply, e.g. species mix, rot, chip size or thickness
  • Optimize pulp yield, energy savings and product quality
  • Benchmark and monitor process performance
  • Independent evaluation of process additives including anthraquinone
  • Laboratory and pilot plant support for mill Technical and Corporate Product Development departments

Our facilities include chipping and chip classification equipment, processing equipment for non-wood furnishes, small bomb cooking, pilot scale digesters for batch and simulated continuous cooking, liquor recovery and recirculation, and a range of bleach plant options. We have a history of assisting mills – and equipment or chemical suppliers – to evaluate their pulping and bleaching operations.


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Econotech offers a wide range of services for the pulp, paper and biofuels industry.

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We accept worldwide orders for analysis. Please send your samples here.
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