Pulping & Bleaching

Pulping & Bleaching

Econotech assists pulp and paper customers with pilot-scale pulping and bleaching evaluations. Working closely with mills, engineering consultants, and chemical or equipment suppliers, we jointly develop conditions and sequences to optimize productivity and quality.

When considering new implementations or adjustments to existing process, it’s important for mills to confirm the best approach before moving forward. Econotech’s independent pilot studies are a cost-effective way to explore options and find the best solution.

Our pilot plant is versatile, and suitable for investigating most pulping and bleaching scenarios. We’re knowledgeable, and experienced with preparation and processing of softwoods, hardwoods and non-woods such as hemp, grasses, bamboo, wheatstraw and other agricultural residues.


Our knowledge and expertise are often used by:

  • Kraft Pulp Mills
  • Mechanical Pulp Mills
  • Linerboard Mills
  • Paper Mills
  • Research and Development
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Chemical Suppliers
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Independent Innovators 

Capabilities include:


  • Evaluate wood chips or other non – wood feedstock for bulk classification properties 
  • Optimize wood chip thickness, non – wood length and physical pre – treatments
  • Evaluate available feedstock for pulp yield and pulp characteristics
  • Optimize batch or continuous cooking and/or refining conditions, including for blended furnish and chemical pre-treatments.
  • Assess additives for their improvement to pulping process or product quality, ahead of marketing or mill implementation
  • Evaluate conditions for recovery of valuable organic materials from spent liquors
  • Benchmark analysis and monitoring process changes
  • Produce pulp or liquor in quantities for end product application testing or marketing


  • Develop modified bleaching sequences to optimize bleach plants
  • Determine the impact of bleach plant modification on chemical consumption, pulp characteristics and effluent properties
  • Evaluate Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) or Total Chlorine Free (TCF) bleaching sequences
  • Produce pulp or liquor in quantities for end product application testing or marketing

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Pilot Plant Facilities

Pulping and Bleaching testing capabilities are below or search Find a Test

Service AreaTestTest Method
Bulk PropertiesBark contentTAPPI T265
Bulk PropertiesBark, Rot, and ContaminantsTAPPI T265
Bulk PropertiesBasic Density of Wood/BiomassTAPPI T258, SCAN-CM 43 – Modified
Pulping+BleachingBleaching sequence made of Stages
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Acid Wash (A)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Chelation (Q)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Chlorine Dioxide (D)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Enzyme (X)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Extraction (E)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Hypochlorite (H)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – O2 and Peroxide Reinforced Ext (Eop)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – O2 Delignification (O)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Oxygen (O)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Oxygen Delignification
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Oxygen Reinforced Extraction (Eo)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Ozone (Z)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Peracetic Acid (PAA)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Peroxide (P)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Peroxide Reinforced Extraction (E(p))
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Peroxide with Oxygen (P(o))
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Sodium Hydrosulfite (Y)
Pulping+BleachingBleaching Stage – Washer Carry-over
Bulk PropertiesBulk DensityISO 17828, TAPPI UM23
Pulping+BleachingPulp processing – Box Washing
Pulping+BleachingPulp screening – Flat Screening
Pulping+BleachingPulping – Autoclave Bomb Reactors – Batch
Pulping+BleachingPulping – Digester Sim – Circulating, Batch
Pulping+BleachingPulping – Digester Sim – Circulating, Continuous
Pulping+BleachingPulping – Digester Sim – Impregnation
Pulping+BleachingPulping – Digester Sim – Prehydrolysis
Pulping+BleachingPulping – Digester Sim – Pre-steaming
Pulping+BleachingRefining – Chemi-Mechanical Pulping (CMP)
Pulping+BleachingRefining – De-shiving high kappa pulp
Pulping+BleachingRefining – Disc Refining
Pulping+BleachingRefining – Refiner Mechanical Pulping (RMP)
Pulping+BleachingRefining – Refining for Wood Chip Brightness
Pulping+BleachingRefining – Simulate blowline refining
Bulk PropertiesSize classificationTyler sieve
Bulk PropertiesSize classification – Round-holeWilliams
Bulk PropertiesSize classification – ThicknessTAPPI um-21 (Stalsvetz)

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Econotech offers a wide range of services for the pulp, paper and biofuel industry.

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We accept worldwide orders for analysis. Please send your samples here.
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