Pulp, Paper & Linerboard

Pulp, Paper & Linerboard

Econotech works with pulp and paper mills to understand the physical and optical properties of pulp, paper and linerboard, helping them to achieve product quality and production goals. 

Physical, optical and morphological properties support the quality of fibre products, and the processes needed to create them.  Econotech is independent, specialized and highly capable in this area, and well-targeted analysis of mill samples gives operations the insight needed to maintain quality, stabilize production, and optimize process.

Our lab-scale product development services will save time and cost and help you make the right decision on how to move forward at industrial scale.

Pulp, Paper & Linerboard

Clients work with us on diverse projects such as:

  • Routine pulp quality monitoring and competitive benchmarking
  • Process troubleshooting for fiber bonding, contaminants, sheet formation
  • Paper refiner optimizations for improved runnability, increased production
  • Furnish variation studies to understand and accommodate the impacts of a changing chip/pulp supply, and accommodate it.
  • Product development to meet market trends and customer specifications

Our knowledge and expertise are often used by:

  • Kraft Pulp Mills
  • Mechanical Pulp Mills
  • Linerboard  Mills
  • Tissue Mills
  • Paper Mills
  • Research and Development
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Chemical Suppliers
  • Independent Innovators

We are an extension of your lab capabilities or an added resource when lab testing is needed.
We provide services for:

  • Pulp Refining (PFI, Valley Beater)
  • Fiber Morphology (Fiber Quality Analyzer)
  • Furnish Quality (softwoods, hardwoods, mechanical, recycled, non-woods)
  • Pulp Blend Evaluations (softwood/hardwood ratios, wood/non-woods ratios)
  • Finished Product Quality (market specifications, customer requirements)
  • Fluff Pulp Properties
  • Sheet Machine Screen Replacement
We follow industry procedures such as TAPPI, PAPTAC and ISO. Our high standard of accuracy and precision is maintained by conforming to a Quality Assurance program which includes regular participation in collaborative pulp and paper reference monitoring programs.

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Pulp, Paper & Linerboard Tests can be found below or search Find a Test

Service AreaTestTest Method
Physical+OpticalAbsorption CoefficentTAPPI T519 – modified
Physical+OpticalBasis weightTAPPI T410, ISO 536
Physical+OpticalBasis weight – TissueISO 12625-6
Physical+OpticalBauer McNett FractionationTAPPI T233
Physical+OpticalBrightness (ISO)ISO 2470
Physical+OpticalBrightness (ISO), RecastTAPPI T218, PAPTAC E.1, ISO 3688
Physical+OpticalBrightness (ISO), Recast + ReversionTAPPI um-200
Physical+OpticalBrightness (TAPPI)TAPPI T525
Physical+OpticalBritt Jar FinesTAPPI T261
Physical+OpticalBulkTAPPI T220, PAPTAC D.4
Physical+OpticalBurst TAPPI T403, PAPTAC D.8, ISO 2758
Physical+OpticalCaliperTAPPI T411, ISO 534
Physical+OpticalCanadian Standard Freeness (CSF)TAPPI T227, PAPTAC C.1, ISO 5267
Physical+OpticalCanadian Standard Freeness (CSF) – Latency RemovalTAPPI T262, PAPTAC C.8P
Physical+OpticalCastor Oil AbsorptionTAPPI T462
Physical+OpticalCobb Test – Oil or WaterTAPPI T441
Physical+OpticalColor – CIETAPPI T527
Physical+OpticalColor – HunterTAPPI T527
Physical+OpticalConsistencyTAPPI T240, TAPPI T412, ISO 638
Physical+OpticalCurl TestMBR procedure – modified
Physical+OpticalDennsion Wax PickTAPPI T459
Physical+OpticalDirt in Pulp (transmitted)TAPPI T246, ISO 5350-2
Physical+OpticalDirt on Paper (reflected)TAPPI T213, TAPPI T437, TAPPI T563
Physical+OpticalDominant WavelengthOpTest ColorTouch
Physical+OpticalDrainage TimeTAPPI T221
Physical+OpticalFD Ratio – Fluff PulpTAPPI T233
Physical+OpticalFiber Properties – Fluff PulpSCAN C33:80
Physical+OpticalFlat CrushTAPPI T825, TAPPI T809
Physical+OpticalFlat ScreeningFlat Screen to remove shives/debris
Physical+OpticalFluorescenceTAPPI T452 – modified
Physical+OpticalFold, MITTAPPI T511, PAPTAC D.17P, ISO 5626
Physical+OpticalFQA – LWAFL, coarseness, kink index, curl, finesTAPPI T271
Physical+OpticalGloss – 20 degreeTAPPI T220 – modified
Physical+OpticalGloss – 75 degreeTAPPI T480
Physical+OpticalGrease ResistanceTAPPI T507, TAPPI um-430
Physical+OpticalHammermilling – Fluff Pulp
Physical+OpticalHandsheet – Physical PropertiesTAPPI T220, PAPTAC D.12, ISO 5270
Physical+OpticalHandsheet – PreparationTAPP T205, PAPTAC C.4, TAPPI T262, ISO 5269-1
Physical+OpticalHardness Index – Fluff Pulpcaliper and burst
Physical+OpticalInternal BondTAPPI T569
Physical+OpticalK&N Ink AbsorbencyTAPPI um-553
Physical+OpticalKit LevelTAPPI T559
Physical+OpticalKlemm AbsorptionISO 8787
Physical+OpticalLatency Removal – Mechanical PulpTAPPI T262, Domtar Latency
Physical+OpticalMacro Stickies in Pulp by Image AnalyzerTAPPI T277
Physical+OpticalModulus of ElasticityTAPPI T494 – modified
Physical+OpticalMoistureTAPPI T412, ISO 638-1978
Physical+OpticalMultiple LayersISO 638-1978
Physical+OpticalNeps or Nodules – Fluff PulpInternal Procedure
Physical+OpticalOpacityTAPPI T519 – as received
Physical+OpticalPFI Mill TAPPI T248, PAPTAC C.7, ISO 5264-2
Physical+OpticalPorosity – GurleyTAPPI T460, ISO 5636-5
Physical+OpticalPrint Density
Physical+OpticalPurityTechnidyne ColorTouch
Physical+OpticalRejectsPulmac procedure
Physical+OpticalRing CrushTAPPI T822, ISO 12192
Physical+OpticalRoughness – Parker Print SurfTAPPI T555
Physical+OpticalScattering CoefficientTAPPI T519
Physical+OpticalSchopper-Riegler Freeness (SR)ISO 5267-1
Physical+OpticalShort Span – DryPulmac procedure
Physical+OpticalShort Span – WetPulmac procedure
Physical+OpticalShort Span Compression – STFITAPPI T826, ISO 9895
Physical+OpticalShrinkageInternal procedure
Physical+OpticalSilver TarnishingTAPPI T444
Physical+OpticalSizing, Hercules Size TestTAPPI T530
Physical+OpticalSmoothness – GurleyGurley procedure
Physical+OpticalSoftness – GurleyGurley procedure
Physical+OpticalStiffness – GurleyTAPPI T543
Physical+OpticalStiffness – TaberTAPPI T566, ISO 2493
Physical+OpticalStretchTAPPI T494
Physical+OpticalTearTAPPI T414, PAPTAC D.12, ISO 1974
Physical+OpticalTensileTAPPI T494, PAPTAC D.2, ISO 1924
Physical+OpticalTensile – RewetTAPPI T456
Physical+OpticalTensile – TissueISO 12625-12 (Perforation Efficiency)
Physical+OpticalTensile – Tissue – DryISO 12625-4
Physical+OpticalTensile – Tissue – WetISO 12625-5
Physical+OpticalTensile Energy Absorption (TEA)TAPPI T494
Physical+OpticalTristimulus – x,y,zTAPPI T527
Physical+OpticalValley BeaterTAPPI T200, PAPTAC C.2, ISO 5264
Physical+OpticalWater AbsorptionTAPPI T432 (water drop method)
Physical+OpticalWater Absorption – Cobb TestTAPPI T441
Physical+OpticalWater Absorption – Time and Capacity – TissueISO 12625-8 (Basket Immersion Method)
Physical+OpticalWater ResistanceTAPPI T433 (dry indicator method)
Physical+OpticalWater Retention ValueTAPPI um-256
Physical+OpticalWet Web TensileInternal Procedure
Physical+OpticalWhitenessOpTest ColorTouch
Physical+OpticalZero Span – DryPulmac procedure
Physical+OpticalZero Span – WetPulmac procedure

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Econotech offers a wide range of services for the pulp, paper and biofuel industry.

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We accept worldwide orders for analysis. Please send your samples here.
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