Econotech’s microscopy department specializes in the analysis of pulp and paper industry samples, helping mills to understand the fibre composition of their materials.

Fiber identity, mix, and condition are an integral part of pulp and paper quality, and confirming composition helps mills to:

  • Monitor procurement and process performance; troubleshoot and improve
  • Track variations in hardwood/ softwood/ nonwood blends or determine chemical/mechanical pulp content in blended products
  • General condition assessment and quality of fiber
  • Assess and explain physical or chemical attributes in products
  • Clarify the origin of materials and the technologies used in production
  • Identify and troubleshoot contamination of cellulosic or other origins, and other product problems like holes and tear-outs

Microscopic analyses are performed on wood chips and other feedstocks, pulps, furnishes, and finished products such as paper and tissue.  Our primary services are in fiber identification (species and pulping technology; qualitative and quantitative), fiber cell wall thickness and diameter assessment, contaminant identification, and the analysis of dissolving pulp quality.

For fiber identification, we’re able to identify fiber species of all common North American softwoods and hardwoods, most species found in South America, Asia and Europe, and also non-woods (eg. wheat straw, hemp, other grasses and cereal straws) and synthetics.

We can provide photomicrographs to illustrate our microscopic observations.  The images support evaluations such as general fiber quality, embedded contaminants, hole defects or print quality.  An image library can be a great reference resource for process troubleshooting.

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