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Process Liquors & Recaust

Pulping Process Chemistry

We have developed the specialized expertise to reliably analyse the chemical components and physical properties of mill process chemicals. Many mills keep returning to Econotech for accurate analysis of kraft mill white, green and black liquor.

Some examples of what we do:

  • General tests such as density, solids, fiber content, viscosity and ABC Titrations
  • Black Liquor viscosity vs. temperature data
  • Viscosity data at various solids levels by reduced pressure evaporation
  • Carbohydrates (wood sugars), anthraquinone levels, lignin, tall oil (soap)
  • Tall Oil analysis – resin and fatty acids, acid number, bottom solids and water content
  • Organic/inorganic ratio of black liquor
  • Condensate analysis for hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, TRS and turpentine
  • TAPPI Higher Heating Value – Parr bomb
  • Swelling characteristics of Black Liquor solids
  • Metals by ICP or AA
  • Anions – sulfur species, polysulfide, carbonate, total chloride, oxalate
  • Micro elemental analysis – CHNO as well as N by the Kjeldahl method
  • Smelt chemistry – reduction efficiency, inerts and anionic species
  • Lime analysis (residual carbonates in lime; free and active lime)
  • Causticizing power tests of reburned lime and subsequent white liquor settling rate measurements
  • Saltcake analysis

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Econotech offers a wide range of services for the pulp, paper and biofuels industry.

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We accept worldwide orders for analysis. Please send your samples here.
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