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Contaminant Identification

Econotech’s expertise and considerable experience in the field of Contaminant Identification has proven to be a valuable resource to the pulp and paper industry.

Some examples of what we do:

  • Identify contaminants and plastic in pulp and paper
  • Characterize paper coatings
  • Identify deposits and scales and suggest possible causes
  • Analyze print defects and surface contaminants
  • Identify or characterize unknown material
  • Determine the cause of streaks and holes in paper

We can identify contaminants and spots on your pulp or paper, as well as scales and general unknowns in your lines, tanks, and equipment. We use both classic chemical analysis and instrumentation ranging from optical and infrared microscopy to ICP-OES and FT-IR spectroscopy.

We also help our customers by developing or adapting specialized testing procedures for their specific process control needs, and by providing product certification for meeting performance or composition criteria.

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Econotech offers a wide range of services for the pulp, paper and biofuels industry.

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We accept worldwide orders for analysis. Please send your samples here.
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