Econotech provides detailed chemical characterization that enables pulp and paper mills to effectively monitor, troubleshoot and improve their process and product.

Chemical properties are foundational, so understanding key chemistries at the right time and place gives engineers better control over the performance of their operation:

  • Track long-term trends at primary control points
  • Incorporate pre/post metrics into improvement projects
  • Take a data-driven approach to resolving upset conditions

Econotech’s chemistry knowledge and testing capabilities go deep and mill-wide:

  • Woodyard or equivalent
  • Pulping, Washing, Bleaching
  • Pulp Machine, Paper Machine
  • Chemical Recovery, Recaust
  • Power generation
  • Bio-refinery
  • Environmental
  • Technology R&D
  • Independent verification

We add capacity and extend your capability. We expertly cover:

  • White, Black and Green Liquors. Orange and Red Liquors. Non-sulfonated liquors. Smelt. Saltcake
  • Hardwood, Softwood and Non-Wood raw material, raw material and feed
  • Pulp and finished products
  • Metals (process and non-process)
  • Process and Product Additives; Makeup Chemicals
  • Contaminants and Unknowns, including deposits, scales and residues
  • Ash, Sand, Dirt
  • Condensates and valuable by-products: Turpentine, Tall Oil, Methanol, Lignin etc.
  • Fuel properties  (see Biofuel or Black Liquor service pages)
  • Reburned Lime, Lime Mud, Hot Lime
  • Wastes such as Dregs, Grits, Sludges
  • White Water

Econotech follows standard methods from TAPPI, PAPTAC, SCAN, ASTM, and others to generate results. Find A Test in our general catalogue or browse chemistry-specific below. 

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Service AreaTestTest Method
Chemistry1 percent NaOH SolubilityTAPPI T212
Chemistry1,4 Dioxane
ChemistryAcetone ExtractivesTAPPI T204
ChemistryAcid Insoluble Ash (Free Carbon)TAPPI T244
ChemistryAcid InsolublesGravimetric determination
ChemistryAcid NumberASTM D803, ASTM D465
ChemistryAcidityTAPPI T428, TAPPI T619 – Modified
ChemistryAdsorbable Organic Halides (AOX)ISO 9562, PAPTAC H6, USEPA 1650, PAPTAC H7, PTS-RH:011/91
ChemistryAlcohol ExtractivesUSFDA
ChemistryAlkalinityAPHA SM 2320B, TAPPI T428
ChemistryAlpha CelluloseTAPPI T429
ChemistryAlpha, Beta, Gamma CelluloseTAPPI T203
ChemistryAluminumBy ICP
ChemistryAmmonia (NH3)
ChemistryAntimonyBy ICP
ChemistryArsenicBy ICP
ChemistryAsh ContentTAPPI T211, TAPPI T413, Others
ChemistryAsh Fusion Temperature (AFT)ASTM D1857
ChemistryBariumBy ICP
ChemistryBerylliumBy ICP
ChemistryBiochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
ChemistryBismuthBy ICP
ChemistryBoiling Point
ChemistryBoiling Point Rise
ChemistryBoronBy ICP
ChemistryBromideIon Chromotography
ChemistryBromide, Water SolubleTAPPI T256
ChemistryBTEX, VPH’s
ChemistryCadmiumBy ICP
ChemistryCalciumBy ICP
ChemistryCalcium CarbonateReburned Lime Analyzer
ChemistryCalcium Oxide, Available (Available Lime)SCAN N25:81
ChemistryCalorific Value – Higher Heating Value (HHV)Bomb Calorimeter
ChemistryCalorific Value – Lower Heating Value (LHV)Bomb Calorimeter
ChemistryCarbohydratesTAPPI T249
ChemistryCarbonBy Element Analyzer
ChemistryCarbon, Fixed
ChemistryCarbon, Free
ChemistryCarbonateGas Chromatography, Titration
ChemistryCarbonate/Sulfate ratio
ChemistryCarboxyl and AldehydeTAPPI T237
ChemistryCaustic SolubilityScan C2
ChemistryCausticityABC titration, or By Calculation
ChemistryChemical Oxygen Demand (COD)SCAN CM44, SCAN CM45, Other
ChemistryChlorateIon Chromotography
ChemistryChlorate, Water SolubleTAPPI T256 – modified
ChemistryChlorideTAPPI T619, TAPPI T256, In-house
ChemistryChloride, Water SolubleTAPPI T256
ChemistryChlorine, ResidualIodometric titration
ChemistryChloriteIon Chromotography
ChemistryChromiumBy ICP
ChemistryChromium, HexavalentNIOSH 7600
ChemistryCobaltBy ICP
ChemistryConductivityAPHA SM 2510B, TAPPI T252, IEC 60554-2
ChemistryCopperBy ICP
ChemistryCopper NumberTAPPI T430
ChemistryCritical Solids
ChemistryDegree of Polymerization (Cellulose DP)
ChemistryDensityPyrex jar method (ASTM E873 – modified), Others
ChemistryDetrimental PitchFeldmuehle method
ChemistryDichloromethane (DCM) ExtractivesTAPPI T204, Liquid-liquid extraction, Others
ChemistryDimethyl Sulfide (DMS) and Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS)
ChemistryDioxins and Furans
ChemistryDioxins/Furans + PCBs (full aroclors)
ChemistryDissolved Oxygen
ChemistryEA/AATAPPI T625
ChemistryEA/AA/TTASCAN N2:88, ABC titration
ChemistryElemental Analysis CHNO, CHN
ChemistryEthanol ExtractivesTAPPI T204
ChemistryExtractable Organic Halides (EOX)USEPA 9023
ChemistryFatty AcidsASTM D1585
ChemistryFibre Content of Spent Pulping Liquor
ChemistryFlash PointASTM D93
ChemistryFluorideIon Chromotography
ChemistryFluoride, Water SolubleTAPPI T256
ChemistryFormaldehydeHPLC, Spectroscopy
ChemistryFTIR SpectroscopyScan or Microscope
ChemistryGoldBy ICP
ChemistryHardness (water, aqueous sample)
ChemistryHeptane ExtractivesUSFDA
ChemistryHexane ExtractivesSoxhlet Extraction
ChemistryHexeneuronic acid (Hex-A)TAPPI T282
ChemistryHydrated LimeTAPPI RC136
ChemistryHydrogenBy Element Analyzer
ChemistryImpuritiesNon-organic material, Plastic material
ChemistryInsoluble MatterTAPPI T619
ChemistryIntrinsic ViscosityASTM D1795
ChemistryIronBy ICP
ChemistryKappa NumberTAPPI T236
ChemistryKinematic ViscosityASTM D445
ChemistryLeached MetalsEPA 1311 (TCLP), Metals (ICP)
ChemistryLeadBy ICP
ChemistryLignin Monomer Ratio (S:G)Thioacidolysis
ChemistryLignin, Klason (acid-insoluble) and SolubleTAPPI T222, TAPPI UM250
ChemistryLignin, Soluble (UV)Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
ChemistryLithiumBy ICP
ChemistryLoss on Ignition (LOI)TAPPI T618, Others
ChemistryMagnesiumBy ICP
ChemistryManganeseBy ICP
ChemistryMercaptan and Methyl SulfidesPotentiometric Titration
ChemistryMercuryBy Cold Vapour UV
ChemistryMetals – As OxidesBy ICP + calculation (Incl. Al2O3, As2O3, BaO, B2O3, CaO, Cr2O3, CuO, Fe2O3, MgO, MnO, P2O5, K2O, SiO2, Na2O, TiO2, ZnO)
ChemistryMetals – CONEGBy ICP
ChemistryMetals – InertsBy ICP (Incl. Ca, Mg, Fe, Si, Al)
ChemistryMetals – ScanBy ICP (Incl. 24 elements: Al, As, Ba, B, Cd, Ca, Cr, Co, Cu, Fe, Pb, Li, Mg, Mn, Mo, Ni, P, K, Si, Na, Sr, Ti, V, Zn)
ChemistryMethanolGas Chromatography
ChemistryMoisture Content
ChemistryMolybdenumBy ICP
ChemistryNickelBy ICP
ChemistryNitrateIon Chromotography
ChemistryNitrate, Water SolubleTAPPI T256
ChemistryNitriteIon Chromotography
ChemistryNitrogenBy Element Analyzer
ChemistryOil and Grease
ChemistryOrganic MatterSSSA 5.3 Ch 34
ChemistryOrganic/Inorganic Ratios
ChemistryOrgano SiliconeBy ICP
ChemistryOrthophosphateIon Chromotography
ChemistryOxalateIon Chromotography, Titration
ChemistryOxalate, Water SolubleTAPPI T255
ChemistryOxygenBy Element Analyzer
ChemistryPalladiumBy ICP
ChemistryParticle SizeTyler Sieve, Others
ChemistryPentachlorophenol (PCP)By GC/MS
ChemistryPentosansTAPPI T223
ChemistryPermanganate Number (K number)TAPPI UM251
ChemistrypHTAPPI T619, Others
ChemistrypH – 1:1 Water ExtractMcKeague 4.11
ChemistrypH – Saturated PasteCarter Ch 15
ChemistrypH, ColdTAPPI T509
ChemistrypH, HotIEC 60554-2, TAPPI T252
ChemistrypH, SurfaceTAPPI T529
ChemistryPhosphorusBy ICP
ChemistryPlatinumBy ICP
ChemistryPolybrominated Biphenyls (PBBs)
ChemistryPolybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE)
ChemistryPolychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
ChemistryPolynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)
ChemistryPolysulfide SulfurGravimetric determination
ChemistryPotassiumBy ICP
ChemistryPotential Tall Oil Yield
ChemistryPotential Turpentine Yield
ChemistryProximate Analysis
ChemistryReduction Efficiency / Percent Reduction
ChemistryResin and Fatty AcidsGas Chromatography
ChemistryRosin AcidsASTM D803/D1240
ChemistryS10, S18 (hemicellulose), S21.5TAPPI T235
ChemistrySalinityBy conductivity
ChemistrySeleniumBy ICP
ChemistrySiliconBy ICP
ChemistrySilicone (DCM extracted)By ICP
ChemistrySilverBy ICP
ChemistrySodiumBy ICP
ChemistrySodium (in wet pulp)SCAN C30:73
ChemistrySodium HydroxideTAPPI T625, Others
ChemistrySodium, BoundPAPTAC G28
ChemistrySolids, Dissolved
ChemistrySolids, Fixed
ChemistrySolids, Fixed Non-Volatile
ChemistrySolids, Fixed Suspended
ChemistrySolids, Suspended
ChemistrySolids, Total
ChemistrySolids, Volatile
ChemistrySolids, Volatile Suspended
ChemistrySpecific GravityTAPPI T624, TAPPI T625, others
ChemistryStarchTAPPI T419
ChemistryStrong Acid NumberAlkali titration
ChemistryStrontiumBy ICP
ChemistrySulfateTAPPI T624, TAPPI T625, Others
ChemistrySulfate, Water SolubleTAPPI T255
ChemistrySulfated Ash (organic/inorganic ratio)TAPPI T625
ChemistrySulfideTAPPI T624, TAPPI T625
ChemistrySulfide, Water SolublePotentiometric Titration
ChemistrySulfidityABC titration, Others
ChemistrySulfiteTAPPI T619, SCAN N3:63, Ion Chromotography
ChemistrySulfite, Water SolubleIon Chromotography
ChemistrySulfurBy ICP, ASTM D129, Others
ChemistrySulfur, ReducibleTAPPI T406
ChemistrySwelling Characteristics
ChemistryTalc (Magnesium silicate)
ChemistryTall Oil Content
ChemistryTall Oil Properties
ChemistryTelluriumBy ICP
ChemistryTerpenesGas Chromatography
ChemistryThalliumBy ICP
ChemistryThiosulfateTAPPI T625, TAPPI T619, SCAN N3:63, Ion Chromatography
ChemistryThiosulfate, Water SolubleIon Chromotography
ChemistryTinBy ICP
ChemistryTitaniumBy ICP
ChemistryToluene ExtractivesTAPPI T204
ChemistryTotal AlkaliTAPPI T625
ChemistryTotal Halides (TX)ISO 11480
ChemistryTotal Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN)Macro TKN
ChemistryTotal Organic Carbon (TOC)SSSA 5.3 Ch 34, Others
ChemistryTotal Organic Halides (TOX)PTS-RH:012/90, ISO 11480, Others
ChemistryTotal Reducible Sulfur (TRS)
ChemistryTotal Reducible Sulfur (TRS) Species
ChemistryTotal SolidsTAPPI T650, Others
ChemistryTrue Colour
ChemistryUltimate Analysis
ChemistryUnsaponifiablesASTM D803/D1065
ChemistryUraniumBy ICP
ChemistryVanadiumBy ICP
ChemistryViscosityBall Fall, Brookfield Viscometer, Tappi T230, Others
ChemistryVolatile MatterASTM D3172/D3175
ChemistryVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
ChemistryWaterKarl Fisher titration
ChemistryWater ExtractivesUSFDA
ChemistryWater SolubilityTAPPI T207
ChemistryX-Ray Diffraction Analysis (XRD)
ChemistryZincBy ICP
ChemistryZirconiumBy ICP

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