We have developed our biofuels expertise over many years through regular analysis of various wood sources for combustion properties. This experience has proven valuable for expanding our test capabilities to a range of biomass sources from agricultural wastes to lipid feedstocks including tall oil and tallow.

Econotech supports traditional and novel biofuel applications for solid and liquid feedstocks, intermediates and fuel products. Our analyses help to improve customer outcomes as products are developed, traded and utilized.

Black liquor fuel value testing can be found under chemistry testing here.


Plant Biomass

Econotech has decades of experience characterizing the fuel properties of woody residuals from forestry, wood processing and construction operations. We also handle biomass from agricultural grasses, grains and other crops that are attractive as biofuel. Our detailed determination of physical, composition and combustion properties help fuel suppliers and consumers to:
  • Develop novel products and processes, or equipment
  • Establish the market value of fuel feedstocks and products Confirm fuel compliance with boiler specifications
  • Confirm fuel compliance with boiler specifications
  • Manage fuel handling and transport considerations effectively
  • Manage fuel mixing and feed rates to achieve good boiler control and reliable operation
  • Return to stable operation from upset conditions, including uncontrolled slagging in boilers
  • Achieve compliance with environmental regulations
Our wood-pellet specific testing can be found here.

Liquid Biofuels

Industry is rapidly innovating liquid biofuels technology based on lipids. Econotech’s long history with lipid chemistry means that we’re ready to deliver feedstock characterizations that allow you to move forward at the pace you need. We work with lipid sources such as tall oil, grades of tallow, yellow grease, poultry fat, vegetable oil and oil crops . We can also analyze intermediates to support R&D and operation of conversion processes. Our characterization of lipid properties helps customers to:

  • Develop novel products and processes, or equipment
  • Monitor processing and troubleshoot problems
  • Determine the suitability of feedstocks for specific production processes
  • Establish the market value of fuel feedstocks and products

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Service AreaTestTest Method
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Acid Insoluble Ash (Free Carbon)TAPPI T244
Biofuel (Lipids, Tall Oil)Acid NumberASTM D803, ASTM D465
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)AluminumBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)ArsenicBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass)Ash ContentTAPPI T211, TAPPI T413, Others
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Ash Fusion Temperature (AFT)ASTM D1857
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)BariumBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)BoronBy ICP
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Bulk DensityISO 17828, TAPPI UM23
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)CadmiumBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)CalciumBy ICP
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Calorific Value – Higher Heating Value (HHV)By bomb calorimeter
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Calorific Value – Lower Heating Value (LHV)By bomb calorimeter
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)CarbohydratesBy IC, TAPPI T249 prep
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)CarbonBy Element Analyzer
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Carbon, Fixed
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)ChlorideIn-house
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)ChromiumBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)CobaltBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)CopperBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)DensityPyrex jar method (ASTM E873 – modified), Others
Biofuel (Lipids)Dichloromethane (DCM) ExtractivesTAPPI T204 – modified
Biofuel (Lipids, Tall Oil)Fatty AcidsASTM D1585
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)FTIR SpectroscopyScan or Microscope
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)HydrogenBy Element Analyzer
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)ImpuritiesNon-organic material, Plastic material
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)IronBy ICP
Biofuel (Tall Oil)Kinematic ViscosityASTM D445
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)LeadBy ICP
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Lignin, Klason (acid-insoluble) and SolubleTAPPI T222, TAPPI UM250
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)LithiumBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)MagnesiumBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)ManganeseBy ICP
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)MercuryBy Cold Vapour UV
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Metals – As OxidesBy ICP + calculation (Incl. Al2O3, As2O3, BaO, B2O3, CaO, Cr2O3, CuO, Fe2O3, MgO, MnO, P2O5, K2O, SiO2, Na2O, TiO2, ZnO)
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)Metals – ScanBy ICP (Incl. 24 elements: Al, As, Ba, B, Cd, Ca, Cr, Co, Cu, Fe, Pb, Li, Mg, Mn, Mo, Ni, P, K, Si, Na, Sr, Ti, V, Zn)
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Moisture Content
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)MolybdenumBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)NickelBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)NitrogenBy Element Analyzer
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)OxygenBy Element Analyzer
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Particle Size – Dry
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Particle Size – Wet
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)PhosphorusBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)PotassiumBy ICP
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Proximate Analysis
Biofuel (Lipids, Tall Oil)Resin and Fatty AcidsGas Chromatography
Biofuel (Tall Oil)Rosin AcidsASTM D803/D1240
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)SeleniumBy ICP
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Silica
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)SiliconBy ICP
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Size classificationTyler sieve
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Size classification – Round-holeWilliams
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Size classification – ThicknessTAPPI um-21 (Stalsvetz)
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)SodiumBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)StrontiumBy ICP
Biofuel (Tall Oil)SulfateTAPPI T625
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)SulfurBy ICP, ASTM D129, PAPTAC G28, Others
Biofuel (Tall Oil)Tall Oil Content
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)TitaniumBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass)Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN)Macro TKN
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Ultimate Analysis
Biofuel (Lipids, Tall Oil)UnsaponifiablesASTM D803/D1065
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)VanadiumBy ICP
Biofuel (Lipids)ViscosityBrookfield Viscometer
Biofuel (Plant Biomass)Volatile MatterASTM D3172/D3175
Biofuel (Lipids, Tall Oil)WaterKarl Fisher titration
Biofuel (Lipids, Plant Biomass, Tall Oil)ZincBy ICP

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