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About Econotech

About Econotech

Econotech is a provider of technical, consulting and laboratory services for the Pulp & Paper and Biofuels industries, since 1972. We are an industry leader that offers independent expertise, accurate results and on-time delivery.

Our knowledge and services are valued globally. We provide you with the insight to make better decisions.

Econotech’s Approach

At Econotech, we work closely with our customer to understand their processes and products. With this approach we help them optimize productivity and quality, to gain a competitive edge.

We offer exceptional customer engagement and industry-specific expertise to help the Pulp & Paper and Biofuels industries succeed.


Services & Products


Econotech combines knowledge of process chemistry, analytical skills, and industry-standard methods to provide detailed chemical characterization for pulp and paper mills.

Pulp, Paper & Linerboard

We provide independent analysis of pulps (including non-woods), paper and linerboard for fiber morphology as well as physical and optical properties.


We specialize in fiber analysis and contaminant identification for pulp and paper samples using microscopic techniques.

Pulping & Bleaching

We work closely with our clients on projects and trials for pulp production including non-woods.


We can determine fuel properties for wood and liquid biofuel feedstocks and products such as hog fuel and tall oil.

Dissolving Pulp

We are experienced in the highly-specialized production and testing of dissolving pulp grades.

Wood Pellets

We offer a variety of tests to assure the quality of wood pellets.

Reburned Lime Analyzer

Econotech’s Reburned Lime Analyzer enables operators to monitor residual carbonate, supporting a stable and efficient lime kiln operation.

Find a Test

Econotech offers a wide range of services for the pulp, paper and biofuel industry.

Econotech Advantage

Customer Service Commitment

We understand each clients’ needs are unique, therefore, we work together with clients through tailored solutions, close collaboration, standardized testing processes and responsive communication.

Quality Results You Can Trust

Our results support our customers to make informed decisions to improve operational processes, optimize productivity and reduce costs.


Econotech has been committed to on-going innovation since 1972, providing industry-leading companies worldwide with valuable expertise and support for their changing needs.

Cost Competitive

At Econotech, we offer cost-effective solutions to help our clients gain a competitive advantage in the market and improve their business.

Reliable Turnaround Times​

Our clients know they can rely on us to meet their required turnaround time needs. We consistently deliver on our commitments.

Independent 3rd Party Testing​

We are an independent company providing unbiased and confidential evaluations for our clients all over the world.

Shipping Information

We accept worldwide orders for analysis. Please send your samples here.
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